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GPT-3, Replika. When will the AI replace humans? Artem Rodichev

Artem Rodichev is the Head of AI at the San Francisco-based Replika, one of the leading startups in the area of conversational AI algorithms. Support me on Patreon: My Twitter: My blog on Medium: My Instagram: Artem Rodichev: Replika’s site: Audio version of the podcast: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Spotify: Deezer: Pocket Casts: Castbox: 0:00 – Intro 00:44 – Creation of Replika 05:14 – On digital immortality 08:04 – On GPT-3 13:09 – Risks of creating the AI 21:05 – How soon will the general AI appear? 22:34 – Will people stop talking to each other in future? 28:08 – The strangest conversation with Replika 29:56 – Cases of offensive behavior of Replika 33:24 – Can artificial intelligence create art? #Replika #AI #Robots