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TURKEY: Evliya Chelebi's Trail - 2. Ushak - Kutahya

Turkish Afanasy Nikitin — Evliya Chelebi was born in 1611, in Kutahya. In 2011, Turkey made a huge celebration of the 400th anniversary of the famous traveler. The members of the Turkish Historical Society, specially for the anniversary, laid the tourist trail called by the name of Evliya Chelebi. Tourists, going on the trail, have an excellent opportunity to visit true remote places of Turkey - places, where foreigners are not a source of profit, but dear guests. There is no tourist infrastructure on the trail. You can count only on yourself and hospitality of the locals. To sleep in a tent or on a house floor. To cook on fire. Or to have dinner at one table with a big Turkish family. To buy products in grocery shops. Or to receive them as a gift. To drink tea at tea houses. Or on a terrace of a house, standing by the trail. One thing is certain, that you won't starve to death and won't be left without a roof over your head.