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AROUND THE WORLD without visas

You will not surprise anyone with around-the-world travel in the 21st century. People span the globe by land, water and air, on foot and by bicycles, alone and with their families. Generally speaking, any around the world travel is, in fact, a journey home with the longest detour. Nonsense! Thus, around the world travelers are forced to think of new vehicles – from stilts to a children's scooter, or of new conceptual ideas. Valery Shanin can not complain about lack of ideas. The professional traveler, writer and journalist, began his first circumnavigation back in 1999. He returned home only in 2002, traveling mostly hitchhiking. On the one hand, he has spent 1080 days for this travel. And on the other – only 280 dollars! This way having made one of the most economical circumnavigations. Five years later, Valery Shanin had another idea. How about trying to circle the Earth as quickly as possible, by saving time instead of money? How many days would be necessary for this purpose? 108 – such is Valery's answer. After having returned home from such a high-speed expedition, Shanin decided, that the subject of circumnavigations was settled for him. But how can the traveler stay still at home? And here, a new idea turned out! It came obviously from the former traveling experience, that was often connected with the burdensome procedure of obtaining visas. Communication with the embassy and consulate officials, unfortunately, inevitably saddens any most interesting travel. However, there are countries, visa-free for Russians! So, it is possible to go traveling, without addressing consulates. This is how the project "The World without Visas" was brought to life. Valery decided to begin with no less, than with a circumnavigation. "Around the world without visas!" - Shanin put forward the loud slogan, and left for Europe, Africa, Middle East, Indochina, South East Asia, Oceania, South America, Carribean islands. 38 countries in 255 days and with no one visit to any consulate.