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TURKEY: Hiking Saint Paul's Trail from Yalvaç to Egirdir

In 2008, the Englishwoman Keith Сlow, has developed a 500-kilometer tourist route - the "Saint Paul's Trail". It passes across those places which Saint Paul has visited, or theoretically, could visit during his first missionary trip to Asia Minor. It is possible to go on the trail during all seasons of the year. But the most popular seasons — spring and fall. As it is too hot in the summer, and in the winter, it is cold. Valery Shanin and Sergey Oskolkov begin to travel on the Saint Paul's Trail in the town of Yalvaç. Near this modern Turkish town, ruins of the ancient city of Antioch in Pisidia have remained. At the time of Saint Paul, the highway from Efes to Syria passed here. The city, which was a that time a part of the Roman Empire, prospered. Antioch in Pisidia experienced its heyday in the third century AD. The city existed during the time of the Byzantine Empire. But after a series of raids of the Arabs, it was abandoned. The trail goes among boundless open spaces. It is the end of September. The crop is already reaped and the fields were plowed. But it is still warm like in summer. On the bank of the lake Egirdir, there is a restaurant - for locals and tourists who are occasionally getting here. They serve only one dish— fried lake fish. The trail passes by the most known local sight. The huge stone arch surprisingly similar to an old bridge, has arisen in a natural way. As a result of a joint effect of water and wind. On the east coast of the Egirdir lake, there are no settlements. There is very little room between the rocks and the edge of the water here. Not cleared up. There is no place to plant gardens and build houses. The Saint Paul's Trail crosses the Lake Egirdir at the narrowest point. Between the beaches are no more than two kilometers. But it is not possible to wade across. The fishermen help out. They transport everyone from one coast of the lake to the other on their boats. Barla - a small but famous town. In the local prison, the famous Muslim scientist Said Nursi, served sentence. In conclusion, he has written huge works, about 6 thousand pages — comments to the Koran. In Egirdir, the campaign on the Saint Paul's Trail has come to an end. And The World without Visas project continues. Ahead, new travels over the countries, visa-free for Russians. Narration was done by Frederic Moretti ( #trail #hike #hiking #walk #walking #turkey #backpacker #lake #egridir #egirdir #yalvac #yalvach #autumn #track #field #tent #documentary #travel #adventure #country #sport #trip #valery #shanin #camping #turkish #ruins #ancient #trekking #in #videos #blog #traveling #backpacking #mountain #outdoors #tourism #turkiye #tramping #backpackers #nature #backpack #video #cheap #thruhike