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TURKEY: Hiking Saint Paul's Trail from Perge to Beyshehir

Saint Paul has made several missionary trips across Europe, for the purpose of a wide circulation of new belief. He also became the creator of Christianity as a new world religion. In 2008, the Englishwoman Keith Clow has laid a tourist trail which passes across those places, which Saint Paul has visited during the first missionary trip to Asia Minor. The trail runs along the Saint Paul's ancient roads, on paths of the timber trucks, on footpaths and goat trails. In wilder and less populated places, than the well known Lycian Way. Here, there are still little guest houses and restaurants focused on the service of pedestrian tourists. It is better to rely on one's self — to sleep in a tent, and to cook food on a fire. Fortunately, water and firewood can be found in abundance. Middle of April. Valery Shanin and Katya Klementieva begin the travel near the ruins of the ancient city of Perge. Travelers cross the national park of Kursunlu and come to the river bank of Koprucay. It is necessary to go straight — to the north, to the settlement of Akçapinar. Somewhere behind it, there are the Wuchang-Su waterfalls by which the track precisely passes. A steep climb begins on a pine-covered mountain slope, towards the ruins of the ancient city of Pedniliss. On the Saint Paul's Trail there are a lot of sources. It is possible to drink the crude water. But it is better to boil it first, nevertheless. It is possible to kindle fires everywhere. It is only necessary to observe the fire prevention measures. At least, to impose a campfire with stones. And of course, to extinguish the coals before leaving. The trail passes through the Yazili Canyon, or, in the translation "Canyon with the inscription". Here on the rock, verses of the Ancient Greek philosopher Epictetus are cut. In a word for word translation they sound approximately so: "Traveler, prepare and go travel. Only the person, free in the nature, can be free. His measure of freedom is defined only by the nature". In general, it is a question that it is better to be free than not to be. And if you are free, then it is necessary to travel and not to stay at home. In Saint Paul's acts, it is written that on the way from Perge to Yalvaç, he went along the Aksu river and came into the city of Timbriada. In general, nothing has remained from this ancient city. But it is know that this city's main temple was at the entrance to the cave. It is possibly this one. The Zindan Cave — one of the local sights. The inside has been provided with lighting and the floor has been level and cemented. Travelers leave to the northwest corner of the Beyşehir lake. And begin to move south along the west bank. Narration was done by Frederic Moretti ( #turkey #way #travel #hike #hiking #walk #backpacker #saint #paul #spring #may #valery #shanin #trail #adventure #tent #trip #walking #country #track #camping #turkish #ruins #ancient #documentary #trekking #in #blog #backpacking #tourism #outdoors #hitchhiking #turkiye #video #vlog #backpackers #nature #mountains #thruhike #canyon #backpack #backpaker #wild #campfire #thru #outdoor #city #long