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Hamster Starship Maze 🚀 Come and Enjoy - Homura Ham

Welcome to the pet channel Come and Enjoy - Homura Ham! 🚀 While SpaceX is only building its prototype Starship, our hamsters astronauts Pixie and Ponchi, have already tested their own Hamster Starship. How do you like it, Elon Musk? If you liked this video, give your like👍 and subscribe to our channel 😊 Don't forget to click the bell button to be notified about our new video release. If you want to help with translation into your native language, follow this link: Our Instagram 🐹 🐹 Our Facebook 🐹 🐹 Our TikTok 🐹 🐹 #hamsters #hamster #ComeandEnjoy #HomuraHam #FunnyHamsters #CuteHamsters #Pets #Animals #Starship #HamsterMaze #SpaceX #ElonMask 🎵 Music: 🎵