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Hamster School Maze 🏫 Adventures of student Homura jr. in the School🏫 Come and Enjoy - Homura Ham

Welcome to the pet channel Come and Enjoy - Homura Ham! 😊 In this video you will see the funny adventures of the cute school student Homura jr in the maze of the school. This 5-level maze is completely made of cardboard and paper. You can do it yourself at home and for your hamsters. Our Syrian hamsters with pleasure walk in the labyrinth under our vigilant supervision. If you liked this video, give your like👍 and subscribe to our channel 😊 Don't forget to click the bell button to be notified about our new video release 😊 If you want to help with translation into your native language, follow this link: Our Instagram 🐹 🐹 Our Facebook 🐹 🐹 Our TikTok 🐹 🐹 #hamsters #hamster #ComeandEnjoy #HomuraHam #FunnyHamsters #CuteHamsters #Pets #Animals #SchoolMaze #HamsterMaze #HamsterPlayground #SyrianHamster 🎵 Music: 🎵