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Hamster GingerBread House 🍭 Christmas Hamster Playground 🍭 Come and Enjoy - Homura Ham

Welcome to the pet channel Come and enjoy - Homura Ham! What is the most delicious house? Of course, gingerbread house😊 But today we have a gingerbread house made of cardboard🍭🍬🍭 We made a new fairy tale playground for our syrian hamsters Pixie and Homura 💚💙💜 If you enjoy this video please comment and like 💕 Thanks for Watching everybody 💕 Our social media ⭐ Instagram with Hamsters ⭐ Instagram DIY Pets ⭐ Tik Tok ⭐ Pinterest #Hamster #GingerbreadHouse #HamsterPlayground #HamsterHouse #ComeandEnjoy #SyrianHamster #DIYHamster #ChristmasHamster #FunnyAnimals #HomuraHam