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🌟 TOP 3 chocolates for dolls: Twix Snickers Bounty. His hands master class 🍀 Irina Ivanitskaya

❤️ Make Chocolate for DOLLS: Snickers, Bounty, Twix from polymer clay master class with their own hands Food ❤️ dolls and doll's house with his own hands made of polymer clay. Polymer clay master class! Dollhouse. Doll food. ❤️ Lepi ME! Subscribe to my RSS feed, so as not to miss the new lessons: ❤️ If you liked my tutorial, place Like, share with friends on social networks and leave your opinion in the comments :) 👉Luchshy developing a channel for your children Poznavaka: TEMPLATE chocolates: 🍀USLOVIYA COMPETITION: 1) Subscribe to my channel 2) Like this video 3) Write any comment for this video The results found here 11.06 number: ************************************************** ****************** 🌟 If you like workshops with miniature food view more on my channel: Chocolate for dolls (Snicker, Bounty, Twix): DRINKS for dolls (Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta): https: // CHIPS Lacey dolls: COCKTAILS dolls: HAMBURGER for dolls (McDonald's): POPCORN FOR DOLLS: ************************************************** ****************** ❤️ If you like a master class, place Like, share with friends on social networks, and write your opinion in the comments. Let's talk more! :) 🍀😻 ************************************************** ****************** 👉 My group VKONTAKTE: 👉My Facebook: 👉 Youtube: ************************************************** ****************** 🍀 if you like puppet MINIATURE Looks great lesson here: There you will find a lot of useful video tutorials on various crafts dolls and how they can be made with your own hands! ************************************************** ❤️ Thank you to everyone who supports me! ❤️ Creative you success and inspiration! ************************************************** My name is Irina Ivanitskaya. I master the modeling of polymer clay. My channel is dedicated to art and handicrafts. Here I publish video tutorials, workshops, DIY and reviews on modeling of polymer clay. You will learn how to make their own hands a variety of products, miniature, crafts and jewelry made of polymer clay. In the workshops I discover its secrets and achievements, show a variety of methods and techniques of plastic molding. ❤️ subscribe to my RSS feed and sculpt with me! ************************************************** ***************** MUSIC: