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Don't starts on gasoline, stalls on the go, diagnostics and repair Ford Mondeo

Company EUROMASTER tel.: 063 303 63 44 Ford mondeo 2008 release, will not start. Engine gas gasoline DURATEC HE 2.3 l. 160 h.p. MI4. On gas, the engine is operating normally, stalls when switching to gasoline. Computer diagnostics of errors on the engine did not show. In this video, the topic of replacing a gas pump is revealed. How to remove a gas pump on a Ford Mondeo, how to remove a tank and a gas pump module. The defect of the gas tank connector is shown, due to which the pump did not pump. After repairing the connector and replacing the gas pump, the car started up. In addition, the engine control unit was checked for leaks and the damaged connector was repacked, as well as a malfunction of the horn. If you liked the video, like it. The best gratitude and motivation to shoot more interesting videos is your comments, likes, subscriptions and reposts. #ford #mondeo #car service # repair # auto # diagnostics # saychenko #saivan #electromechanics #autobody #repair #auto #diagnosis Social Media Groups For advertising and cooperation My community of repair craftsmen Subscribe to my channel Live channel