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Don't start after swap engine. How to understand the wiring Audi 100

Channel Pro Avto32 Audi 100 1991 release, body C4 does not start. There was a replacement of the engine from AAH to AFC petrol V6 2.8l 120kW. Found that there is no spark. Computer diagnostics showed an error on the crankshaft sensor, 00513 - engine speed sensor. In addition, there were errors 00522 - coolant temperature sensor and 01257 - valve of stabilization of idling. Began to understand the connections of the sensors, all the connectors are confused, simultaneously repairing the wiring. In this video you can see where the battery is located on the Audi 100, the location of the crankshaft sensor, temperature and idle speed controller, as well as pinout of the control unit connector. After the sensors are properly connected, the first engine start. # Audi100 # auto repair # repair # auto # diagnostics # saychenko #saivan #electromechanics #autobody #diagnosis Groups in social networks For advertising and cooperation My repair community If you liked the video like. The best thanks and motivation to shoot more interesting videos are your comments, likes, subscription and repost. Subscribe to my channel Live channel