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When he wanted 2DIN multimedia, but nowhere to put. Panel manufacture, installation and connection

Online store of auto electronics and auto accessories - Promo code for a discount of 400 UAH. Say4enko Review of the MP-7045 on the Engine Start channel Competition: 1. Subscribe to the Ivan Saychenko channel 2. Subscribe to the Engine Start channel 3. Write any comment under this video. 4. In the privacy settings, open your subscription information. Present: Car radio CYCLONE MP-4043 Encouraging prizes in the form of a 32 GB flash drive and a splitter in the cigarette lighter. The raffle of gifts will be in 2 weeks, July 20th. This video shows how you can make a panel under the 2din radio tape recorder using plastic rods for soldering, mounting foam, glass mat and polyester resin. Ford Scorpio car, Cyclone MP-7045 multimedia. First, they cut off the excess plastic, welded a plastic frame from the plastic, blew out the foam of the cavity, cut off the excess, pasted it with fiberglass and epoxy, polished it and put it into an ideal putty, then picked up the paint and painted it. In addition, the video shows how to connect the wiring 2d radio, an overview of functions and applications on the android. If you liked the video like. The best thanks and motivation to shoot more interesting videos are your comments, likes, subscription and repost. # 2DIN # radio # car audio # saichen #saivan #electromechanics #autobody #repair #auto #diagnosis Groups in social networks For advertising and cooperation My repair community Subscribe to my channel Live channel