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A collection of cases in the workshop # 5 What cars have to be repaired, horror

Promo code and link of the sponsor in the attached comments. All releases of cases to the service station In this issue there are cases of diagnostics and repair of machines in my post which are not included on the channel with separate videos. To go to the overview of a particular machine, select the timecode from the list: 00:51 Opel Astra does not turn on the air conditioning 4:08 LADA 2115 does not go, stalls 7:44 Audi A6 C4 dashboard lights 11:25 Nissan micra does not turn the starter 15:46 Ford siera repair wiring 20:09 Citroen jumpy does not show fuel level 25:05 VW T4 not blowing turbine 28:07 Mitsubishi outlander ABS 32:54 Chevrolet Niva room lighting 34:05 LADA 2110 troit the motor 36:32 UAZ 2206 under maintenance If you liked the video like. The best thanks and motivation to shoot more interesting videos are your comments, likes, subscription and repost. # auto repair # repair # auto # diagnostics # saichen #saivan #electromechanics #autobody #repair #auto #diagnosis Groups in social networks For advertising and cooperation My repair community Subscribe to my channel Live channel