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When not able to repair air conditioning on the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Applied electronic life hacking

Arthur Diagnostic Autoelectrician Community of masters in repair Jeep Grand Cherokee 1999 release. The air conditioner does not work, the refrigerant pressure is normal, the sensors are intact, there are no errors. There is no control signal on the air conditioner clutch relay. In this video you can see where the air conditioner fuse, compressor relay and control circuit are located. Cabletracker found what controls the relay. Removed the control unit BOSCH 0 281 010 140, changed the driver, but without result. In the PCM configuration, the air conditioner is excluded from the configuration, and therefore does not work. I decided to make control of the relay on an additional circuit, a signal level inverter on KT315 and a key on the field-effect transistor IRFZ44. The circuit successfully passed the stress test and works successfully. #jeep #cherokee #air conditioning #car # repair # auto # diagnostics # saychenko #saivan #electromechanics #autobody #repair #auto #diagnosis If you liked the video like. The best thanks and motivation to shoot more interesting videos are your comments, likes, subscription and repost. Groups in social networks For advertising and cooperation Subscribe to my channel Live channel