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Nissan Primera P12 will not start. Repair without buying parts - auto parts for foreign cars without intermediaries Full parts catalog Nissan Primera P12 - Nissan Primera P12 2002 release, will not start. Gasoline engine 2.0-liter, 16-valve, 110 kW, engine code QR20DE. First, I checked the availability of fuel, and then I ran a computer diagnostics, where I saw the errors: P0340 CPM SEN / CIRCUIT-B1 (Camshaft position sensor circuit) P0335 Sensor or crankshaft position sensor circuit. P1112 Intake air temperature sensor circuit low voltage. The launch is affected by a crankshaft sensor error. I conduct inspection of the connector and wiring. In this video you can see where the crankshaft sensor on the Nissan of example p12 is located, how to check the DPKV on the table. The sensor works on the Hall effect, has a supply voltage of 5V. Found breakage of the positive wire on the machine. Repaired the wiring, showed in details how I make twist and insulation. After repairing the wiring, the engine started! In addition, I conducted diagnostics and repair of the ABS and AIRBAG systems. #Primera # auto repair # auto repair # # diagnostics #electromechanics #autobody #repair #auto #diagnosis The first video on repair wiring: Groups in social networks For advertising and cooperation My repair community Subscribe to my channel Live channel