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Simple automatic transmission repair Hyundai Accent - auto parts for foreign cars without intermediaries Full catalog of parts Hyundai Accent - Video recording was September 20, 2018. 4 months have passed from the moment of recording to publication. Flight is normal! Hyundai Accent 2012 release. Error P0743 damage to the clutch electrical circuit, automatic emergency mode. In this video: Diagnostics and repair automatic transmission Gearbox Repair. How the solenoid valve of the torque converter lock-up clutch works. Oscillogram of the voltage at the automatic transmission connector, the duty cycle and signal strength. Wiring diagram of the hydraulic unit with the control unit. Pin assignment and designation: PCSV-D TCCSV DCCSV. Measuring valve resistance without removing the gearbox. Removing the pallet, checking the plume, removing the hydraulic unit on the Hyundai accent. We make a shaolin shuffle, swap the valve, we clean the contacts and catch errors. After the test drive, another error appeared. P0755 Solenoid switching valve "B" PCSV-A. We are replacing the valve with a new one, conducting a test drive, acceleration to hundreds of 11.9s. #ACP #Accent # diagnostics # auto repair # repair # auto #electromechanics #autobody #repair #auto #diagnosis Groups in social networks For advertising and cooperation My repair community Subscribe to my channel Live channel