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Why we get attached to our car. Ford Scorpio - protection of the crankcase of the engine Kolchuga (100% original). Promo code for a discount from our channel: ivsai4ko (when placing an order, under the payment there is a field for entering a promo code) ✔ Ford Scorpio status overview ✔ Engine engine ✔ Repair ABS sensor ✔ Experiment with Ford In this video, I showed how I serviced my Ford Scorpio. The release sponsor TM "Kolchuga" - the leader in the production of steel engine compartment protection systems. The video consists of the following scenes: How to make a flick from a regular key. Detonates the engine, engine diagnostics tester MT Pro. Installation of protection of the crankcase of the engine KOLCHUGA. Overview of the bottom of the machine, preparing for winter processing anticorrosive. How does the intake manifold heating and heating of the semi-automatic suction system on the carburetor. Taped panel vibration isolation and put in order the cabin wiring. Overview of winter tires. Diagnostics and repair of chassis. #KOLCHUGA #Scorpio #car # repair # auto # diagnostics #electromechanics #autobody #repair #auto #diagnosis Groups in social networks For advertising and cooperation My repair community Subscribe to my channel Live channel