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VOLVO 850 How to repair a car cheap? - auto parts for foreign cars without intermediaries The full catalog of spare parts Volvo 850 - The first part is This is the second part of the VOLVO 850 repair, in this video you can see how to remove the turn signal on the Volvo 850, how to repair and clean the strongly oxidized contacts. I am changing light bulbs in the license plate illumination. I do a review on the rear lights Volvo 850. I explain why you should not buy cheap LED bulbs without a voltage stabilizer. Showed how to check the light on the reverse and where the sensor is located, how to check the sensor, frog number 1307086. I repair the turn signal, remove oxidation and restore the connector. Much work has been done to find out why the horn does not work. Here you can see the work of the cable tracker, wiring wiring in the steering column and the colors of the wires to the signal, in addition to the signal repair, a “tin on the service station” happened - KONTAKT 61 spray caught fire. At the end of the roller shows the replacement of spark plugs, and high-voltage wires. As a result of repair, the engine has successfully started and is running. I tried computer diagnostics. At this repair stopped, if there is a continuation, links to new releases will appear in the description. Subscribe not to miss! # VOLVO850 # diagnostics # auto repair # repair # auto #electromechanics #autobody #repair #auto #diagnosis Sensor for reverse gear 1307086 Groups in social networks For advertising and cooperation My repair community Subscribe to my channel Live channel