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How to make the automatic light switch. LED on the Nissan Almera Classic - auto parts for foreign cars without intermediaries. Full catalog of spare parts Nissan Almera - The lamps that I chose Taitian Small lamps in the sidelight WLJH The cheapest lamps in the world! In this episode of the Nissan Almera Classic 2012 release and not the standard use of high-power LED lamps as additional lighting in the main headlamp. At the beginning of the video, I reviewed the optics of the Nissan Almera Classic and showed how to remove the headlight, the location of fasteners and latches. Then cut out the cap in the headlight housing and in the center of the closed reflector. In the resulting hole, I placed a LED lamp of not large dimensions with passive cooling and sufficient power of 50W to use it as a daytime running lamp. In the middle of the roller 7:15 there is a connection diagram for the DRL from the oil pressure sensor. The light turns on automatically as soon as the engine starts. Conducted tests in real conditions, on the highway, outside the city and in a residential area. At the time of publication of the roller light shine 3 months without problems, and take off all is well. # scheme # auto # LEDs # auto repair # repair #LED #electromechanics #autobody #repair #auto Groups in social networks For advertising and cooperation My repair community