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Jeep Grand Cherokee relay of turns repair - auto parts from 2000 sellers, the ability to compare prices. Choose the best offer. Complete spare parts catalog Jeep Grand Cherokee - Jeep Grand Cherokee 2001 on service. Handled the problem, the left turn does not work. At first I thought it was the turn switch, its number was 56042426AL, but after diagnosing the switch position signals, it became clear that the rotation relay was not working. In this clip I showed where the Jeep Grand Cherokee turns relay is located, how to remove the subtorp and the trim of the cabin, made a visual inspection of the relay board and found out why the left turn does not work, it is a crack in the soldering. The board was lost and the relay started to work. #Jeep #electromechanics #autobody #electrician #repair #auto #diagnosis Part Number 4686130 Chrysler Relay Turn Signals Groups in social networks On advertising and cooperation My community of repair masters