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Engine works on music!

Loud and high-quality car sound Decibel All for car audio in the store Decibel If you liked the video, put it. The best gratitude and motivation to shoot more interesting videos is your comments, likes, subscriptions and repost. Experiment: starting the engine on the music. Will the ignition system work from the radio? Record the signal from the hall sensor to the computer. Principle of operation of the non-contact electronic ignition system. Connection diagram of the switch. Arrester for ignition coil. Playing rectangular pulses from a memory card via a switch. Synchronization of the spark during engine start-up. How the engine works on drum and bass and techno music. Random advance ignition. The engine will not start. Emergency start. The engine works in the opposite direction. Started without a starter in itself from a spark on the music. Principle of operation of the emergency ignition system. As emergency ignition АЗ-1. What is dangerous is not the correct ignition on the internal combustion engine. My car is a Ford Scorpio 1987 release. Engine 1.8 carburetor. Music in the experiment: DM Galaxy feat. Tyler Fiore - Paralyzed (Arti-Fix Remix) Victor Strogonov HARDLINE 77 Subscribe to my channel Live channel My Ford Scorpio engine repair My pages on social networks On advertising and cooperation My community of repair masters