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Fun in Autobody #9

Choose the best car service in your city All STO Russia: All STO Ukraine: All service stations of Belarus: All STO Kazakhstan: Catalog - spare parts for your car - Avto.Pro - comparison of the prices for spare parts from 2000 sellers, choose the best offer. Sumy Racing Team channel Gift diagnostic scanner ELM327 In order to take part in the drawing, you need 1. Subscribe to the channel Ivan Saychenko 2. Click on the "Share" button directly below the video and make a repost on your social networks. 3. Leave a comment under the video with a link to your social network page where you made a repost. This will contact you and give you a gift. If you are not from Ukraine, you will receive a monetary equivalent, and the prize will be played again in the next video. The drawing will take place among the comments with links to your reposts. Results in the next video. If you liked the video, put it. The best gratitude and motivation to shoot more interesting videos is your likes, subscriptions and repost. Subscribe to my channel My pages in social networks: My community of repair masters I work here: Autoservice STO AUTO-GUARANTOR Popelnya, Zhytomyr region tel. (068) 104 00 10 Music: Caspian Shipping - Beyond Gases Ukulele and sleigh - bells loop The review of car-care center STO AUTO-GUARANTOR. Oil with exhaust Deo Lanos. Defect of the engine ZMZ 405. Nikolai Vasilyevich, the bunny calls Ukraine. Treasure of nuts in the air filter of Renault Lagoon. Music on the spark plugs. I had a bite of the wire for feeding the injectors. Do not shine PTF. Restoration of additional headlights. Niva chevrolet, lighting. Fused the bumper. Overview of LED light bulbs. Power measurement, LED test. Lada Kalina tore out the semiaxis. Dangerous life on a gazelle. The belt is on the field. Spare parts overview. New ball mog. Replacement of the Peugeot ball bearings 405. A dangerous puller. Ignition lock bimba, eureka. Overview of golf 2 life has seen. The chicken in the engine. The chicken died of shock. HONDA CR-V trip the motor. Short in wiring. Defect the braid of the engine control unit. Troubleshooting. Do not start, need a starter repair. VAZ 2107 does not open. The car on the lift closed. Prank. Maxim's drawing. Radio relay. Explosion of a light bulb. Faith with a seal. Competition. Gift review ELM 327. # one hundred # car-care center # hard #aichenko # ivan # auto electrician # wiring # rally