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Ukrainian autobody

Lada Kalina at the service autobody STO AUTO-GUARANT Popelnya, Zhytomyr region 0681040010 Update the state of the car. Removing the motor. Overhaul of the engine. Body work. Body trim. Replacing the front fenders. Replacement of thresholds. New doors. Full body painting of vases. Preparation for painting. Overpass for body repair. Primer, putty parts. Repair and painting of bumpers. Spray booth. Body painting. Application of varnish. Overview of the feces of the viburnum after painting. Polishing of the paint and varnish coating. New fenders. Dry cleaning of the cabin. The first launch after the capital. Oil pressure measurement. Repair of running gear. I called the convergence. Repair of wiring. Electric power steering repair, ESD. Replacement of the insulation of the engine compartment wiring. Computer diagnostics. Vehicle Masters Community