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Fun in Autobody #8

Yaroslav's Channel Riding to victory. Car service station AUTO-GUARANT. Curios, breakdowns of cars, rallies. Pranc with electricity. Address to the clients of car-care center. Shotgun in the car. Repair of the police car. Overview of the clogged air filter of the Lithuanian Audi. Ragged oil filter. Removing filter residues from the motor. Unexplained position of the car in space. Painting a mood of viburnum. Fog at the station. Replacing the diesel particulate filter with Ford transit. A new cooler, clean ecology. Computer diagnostics, data reset, adaptation of a new particulate filter. Diagnosis of running Gazelle. What creaks in the front wheel. Overview of car breakdowns. Torn off the wheel of the Niva. Punctured cooling radiator. The spring of the shock absorber was welded. Wiped brake pads. The tumbling block of the beam fell out. Twisted V-ribbed belt of attachments. Glove as a corrector for the headlamp. The cotter pin of the brake pad fell out, wiped the disc, the brakes were gone. 2107 the stabilizer came off. My bumper from the inside. A mess in the trunk of the car. Washing the rear axle VAZ. Purge the mounting holes of the lift. The vacuum cleaner collects water. How to glue a nail with ultraviolet glue. Hello Nikolay Vasilyevich. Coins instead of fuses. Dangerous lifhaki. The probability of a fire. How to fix a hole in the car. Lifshak with oilcloth and silicone. Sprinkled sugar in the gas tank. The compressor turns but does not give pressure. Overview of a two-piston compressor without oil. Defect piston. Tapped motor sprinter 2.2 Muffled. Analysis of the engine. Turbine motor defect. Burned liners. The liner stuck to the connecting rod. Replacing the motor sprinter 906. First start. Yes, there is! Drawing with a carry. Bulb with gunpowder. Dick fell off the chain. Video from the surveillance camera. Car service online