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Ford Fiesta Courier. Electrics.

Ford Fiesta Courier Van 2000 year of release on service at the autoelectrician. Does not start. Do not turn the starter. The third position of the stove does not work. Fuses are heated. The smell of burning wiring. Dangerous lifhaki. Illumination of the number. Hanging does not turn off high beam. Shines far with the passing beam. Turns are not included. If you hit the wheel, the turns work. The instrument panel stops working on the go. The Ford Courier Van based on the Ford Fiesta appeared in Europe in 1991. Initially on the Mark III Fiesta platform, it was produced as the Mark IV version of 1995. It has a front-engine arrangement with a drive to the front wheels. It was replaced in 2002 by Ford Transit Connect. Restoration of power start contacts. Maintenance of the battery. Why the battery terminal is oxidized? White oxidation on the battery. Replace the positive terminal. The point of removal of the motor and body. Power plus starter. Problems with launching. Repair of the installation unit Ford courier. Fuses fuse. Fuse on the stove. There is no power. Additional temperature indicator. Diagnosis of wiring. Wiring diagram and fuse fords. Where K79 is located the relay of the main ignition circuits. Work cable tracker. Fuse and relay assembly under the hood. I lost plus on the main relay of onboard electronics. Check and replace the relay. Restoration of contacts of the fuse box. How to remove podrulevye switches. Removing the airbag. Removing the steering wheel. Debriefing a Ford Fiesta. A crack in the board. Soldered contacts switch connector. The axis of the switch is far close. Where there is a relay relay turns Ford Fiesta courier. Check the positions and functions of the switches in disassembled condition. Sergei Druzhko - there is. Overview of electrical equipment Ford Fiesta Courier Van 2000 after repair. Car wiring complete set, empty seats from fuses. Appeal to car owners. STO AUTO-GUARANTOR Popelnia, Zhytomyr region 0681040010 Vehicle Masters Community