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Nissan X-Trail Rear View Camera

Installation of a rear-view camera in the Nissan X-Trail 2005 release. Removal of trunk lining. Thresholds. Analysis of the interior trim. Mounts in the trunk of Nissan X-ray trailed. Rear wiring diagram. Connect power to the camera on the parking sensor. Poll in the community. I read the comments. Recommendations for choosing the location of the rear-view camera. Review on the spoiler. Review behind the glass, inside the cabin under the janitor. Backlit camera. Viewing angle of the rear view camera. Overview of the license plate. Installation option in the rear fog-light. Review from the bumper. Select the location for the installation of the rear view camera. Removing the luggage compartment cover. Mount the camera in the backlight of the room. You can see the hitch, you can see the horizon. Question on highlighting the number. Overview of fixing the camera with the adjustment. The scheme of connection of the rear-view camera. Assemblage of interior. Checking and adjusting the camera. The dead zone under the rear bumper of the Nissan X-Trail. Recommendation for using a rear view camera. Head unit CYCLON 7090 GPS. Auto Service СТО АВТО-ГАРАНТ Попельня, Zhytomyr region +380681040010 Vehicle Masters Community