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Limousine on the service. Electronics

Overview of electrical equipment. Backlighting of racks Interior lighting Stereo system. Additional battery Backlight The 1999 Lincoln Town Car caught fire, smoke from under the hood, smoke in the cabin, a search for a closure, a wiring revision, insulation restoration, a wire harness check. The soundproofing, the processing of the bottom, was lit up. Charging was lost. When you turn on the drive - stalls. There is no charge. The exhaust system touches the bodywork. Dismantled the toad, the removal of the engine of the stove Lincoln town car. The wiring diagram of the right braid under the hood. Generator FORD MOTORCRAFT. Pinout of the voltage regulator 4L3U10C359AA. Connection A (+ AS); RC (Sig); LI (FR) without connector. LED RGB tape shows charging. Lincoln Limousine. Overview of electrical equipment. Transformation of the audio system to the front head unit. Replacement 2DIN radio tape recorder with a pioneer. Drawing wires to the speakers, twisting the line input to the subwoofer, plugging the speakers and speakers of the rear shelf in a large cabin. Removing the upholstery of the cabin of the limousine. Monitor TV in the Lincoln for passengers. Overview of acoustics and interior lighting. Special scheme of pentagon connecting the recorder. Works without ignition key. Test subwoofer, midbass and tweeter without crossover and settings. Overview of the bottom lighting. A break in the area of ​​the rear right wheel. Pneumatic suspension, the wheel wiped the wiring. Repair of ice underbody lighting. What happens to the tape when it gets wet? Lincoln Town Car - American six-seater full-size rear-wheel drive car of the category "luxury" with a frame chassis and a V8 engine Vehicle Masters Community