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Installed LED BAR on Nissan X-Trail

Nissan X-Trail 2000 year of release. Connecting additional lighting for hunting and fishing. Extreme Light LED Bar. LED beam. LED Chandelier. Chandelier on the roof of the car. How to connect an ice bar on the upper trunk of the Nissan X-Trail. Review of Nissan X-Trail. Power test, measuring the current of the LED car light 42" 260W - 13V, 14 A. Wiring under the windshield seal Optional equipment wiring diagram How to tighten the wire from the passenger compartment under the hood on the stylus Powerful fuse Continuous plus from the battery Connection of 4 contract Relay Mounting the power button on the sub-wedgew.The power weight from the spoiler mounting stud.The bracket for attaching the ice bar.Connecting wiring, decoration.Early event.First start.Lighting test n The street impresses employees with new lighting. Auto Service СТО АВТО-ГАРАНТ Попельня, Zhytomyr region 0681040010 Vehicle Masters Community