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Installation of the new car lift PEAK 209CH

Two-post lift, electrohydraulic Peak 209CH Carrying capacity 4000 kg, top synchronization, 2 hydraulic cylinders, The electric motor power is 2.2 kW, Lifting time 52 sec. Power supply 380 V, 50 Hz. The capacity of the tank is 11 liters. The operating pressure in the system is 18 MPa. Full weight 670 Kg. The maximum lifting height is 2000 mm, Clearance - 125 mm, The length of the front paw is three-sectioned from 595 to 1147 mm, the rear two-section flight from 860 to 1343. The width of the passage is 2850 mm. The total height of the lift is 4231 mm. Overview of the lift PEAC 209 Preparation of the foundation for the installation of the lift. Filling reinforced concrete floor. Screed under the tile. Laying tiles in a car workshop. Technology of laying tiles for car service. Marking mortgages under the lifts. Installation of anchors for fixing the racks of lifts. Unloading of parts and components of the lift. Installation of racks. Assembly and connection. Instruction and instruction manual. Prorolling the hydraulic station. Lifting the first car. Car service station AUTO-GUARANT Popelnya, Zhytomyr region. +380681040010