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Chromium removal from plastics with ferric chloride

Chlorine iron I recommend that all work be carried out in gloves - chlorine iron is well absorbed into the hands and badly washed with soap, getting on the skin it can cause itching and irritation, in the flesh to burns in people with sensitive skin. In case of contact with eyes, rinse them with plenty of running water and, of course, consult a doctor. Chromium removal from plastic with the help of ferric chloride. Determination of the chrome part or dyed with a multimeter. How the chrome plated coating is applied to the plastic. Galvanic plating - is an electrochemical method of applying metallic coatings on plastics. Essence - apply three layers of metal: copper + nickel + chrome. Chromium reacts and evenly settles on the surface of the product. This type of chrome is used for car emblems, radiator grilles, souvenirs, etc. etc. Chemical reaction. Overview of the packaging of ferric chloride powder. Ferric chloride FeCl3 is the average salt of trivalent iron and hydrochloric acid. In appearance, this chemical raw material is a soft crystalline mass rusty-brownish-black in color. It is used for etching printed circuit boards in the electronics industry and instrument making. Preparation of ferric chloride solution. Etching of parts. The process is in a cold solution. The etching process in a warm solution. Review of the result of the chemical reaction of chromium with ferric chloride.