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Fun in Autobody #7

Auto Service AUTO-GUARANTOR. Ukraine Autobody. Curios, breakdowns of cars, rallies. Pranc with electricity. The current from the capacitor jumped. The car hit the hail. Damage overview. Flood in the boiler room. Installing the heater radiator. The Italian car is on the lift. Transmission Volkswagen, defect. The engine cushion is torn off. Rotten bottom. Holes in the floor. Audi A6 C5 Engine 2.8 ACK. Overhaul. First start. Sound of the motor V6. Lada viburnum, a review of the cabin. Coin and foil in the cigarette lighter. A sprinter, a nozzle. Resin on the motor. The building screw in the motor. The motor cover cracks. Extraction of anthracite on the engine head. Damage to wiring and return pipes. VAZ 2103 shot of the spring. Niva diagnosis of the transmission. Wiped brake pads, Slavuta. Worn ball gum. Curved arm. Rolling of disks. Check brakes VAZ 2107. The ignition lock stuck. The starter rotated in engagement with the motor. Starter defect. Brushes burned. The anchor broke. The bushing was welded. The prechamber was dropped. The guide was cracked. The piston hit. The Niva 21214 is heated. Repair of cooling system. Power steering Volkswagen. Water got into the control unit. The battery is sitting down. Niva does not go after a major overhaul. The catalyst burnt. The ceramic was melted and the exhaust was clogged. Reportage Nikolai Vasilyevich.