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Citroen Jumper does not work stove

Citroen Jumper 2007. The control unit of the stove with air conditioning (switch, heater regulator) The climate control does not work. The regulator of revolutions of an oven does not work. Where is the handle opening the hood of the Citroen jumper. The fuse on the stove 8 is located under the hood. Fuse wiring diagram. The fuse 2 on the glow plugs is on. The safety lock on the conditioner in salon ф39 10А. The heater wiring. System of ventilation of salon. Resistor of the stove on the sieve. The motor of the stove. Flow control scheme. Where the ventilation compressor is located. Dangerous life with wiring. Analysis of the panel jumper. How to remove the control unit for climate control. Removing the trim of the center console. Power wiring connector. Replacement air speed switch. How to unscrew the switch. Defect of the contacts of the ventilation control circuit. Replacement of fastons and wiring. Riveting joints. Repair of wiring. Recovering the posting. Checking the heater resistor. How to check the ventilation system without a switch. Measuring the current consumption of the motor. Defect of the collector motor. Erosion of brushes. Lubrication of bushes. How to replace the original connector. Restoration of the stove switch. Where is the damper hot - cold air. Check the radiator of the stove for circulation of the coolant. A broken cable moves the flap to cold air. Defective ventilation unit. How to get climate regulators at the jumper in 2007. Upgrading the design of the fan speed switch. Diagnosis of the collector motor. Where is the filter of the Citroen Jumper interior. Replacement of the cabin filter. Number of the control unit of the heater with the air-conditioning switch, the heater control unit Citroen Jumper 168340200 Masters of repair community