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Fun in Autobody #6

Auto service AUTO-GUARANTOR Cases of tin on the service station. Popelya. The squirrel in the pit. How to catch a squirrel. Renault is a master oil change. The oil does not drain. Vaz 2109 on the collapse. How to muffle the radiator. How to weld the muzzle 2109. The reinforcing bar of the spar. Replacement of the wing of the VAZ 2107. Explosion of the muffler. It's a fiasco, bro. How to burn a muffler with gas. Generator 21214 Lada 4x4 Niva. Spare parts overview. The winding of the generator does not fit in size. Improvement of new spare parts. Gearbox 2109 flying satellites, gearbox defect. Peugeot 405 body review. Metal breaks. Overload of the trailer. Volkswagen caddy error inlet flap. Drill the Audi A8 showroom. Installing the charging in the casing. VAZ 2108 The review of interior. Fiat UNO air filter. Mounting shock absorber NIWA. Signal button 21214. Tauria shoots the carburetor. ZAZ 1102 adjustment of the carburetor. Flood in the auto service. Cut the chimney. Work autogen. The steel box falls on the concrete. The wiring on the UAZ BUKHANKA Injector burned. Restoration of the wiring ZMZ 409 motor. Rally with electricity. Shocker from the ignition block of xenon 35W. Pranc with electricity.