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Passat B5 Does not work turbine

VW Passat Variant (B5) 2002 year, Volkswagen Passat B5 4 MOTION V6 2.5 TDI The turbine does not work. The oil indicator light is yellow until the movement starts. All-wheel drive trade wind. Problems after the offroad. Error 01375 Solenoid valves for electrohydraulic motor bearings. Error 00522 Coolant temperature sensor - G62 30-00 - open circuit / short circuit. on a plus. Error 00575 Pressure in the intake manifold Open circuit. Transducer or turbine control valve. Where is the control valve located. How to clean the transducer. Scheme of vacuum tubes folkvagen trade wind 2.5 tdi. How to check the turbine. Intake manifold pressure sensor. Where is the pressure in the inlet gas pipeline. BOSCH sensor number 0 281 002 326 Pinout 059906051 Checking the turbine pressure sensor. Westgate is a bypass valve that relieves excess exhaust gas pressure back into the exhaust manifold, protecting the turbine from blowing and surging. How to check the Westgate. Error with temperature sensor. Check DETZH. How to check the temperature sensor. The procedure for replacing or topping up oil on the folcvagen. How to see the oil pressure. The end of the hood. The valve of recycling of the fulfilled gases. Interchangeability of valves on a turbodiesel. Turbine pressure. Measuring the pressure of the turbine. Having puffed up, not satisfied, the graph of turbine pressure control.