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Audi A8 Emergency mode automatic transmission

Audi A8 D2 2000 release. Owner Dmitry, my subscriber pulled the car to repair 450 km. Emergency mode automatic transmission. Troubleshooting. Error P0730 VAG 17114 Recognition of gear / gear ratio incorrect gear ratio. The G195 gearbox output speed sensor is defective. As possible reasons: The oil level of the gearbox is not normal. The gearbox oil is contaminated. The brake of the automatic transmission slips / is not working or the solenoid valve is dirty / not working. The G182 gearbox input speed sensor is defective. The G195 gearbox output speed sensor is defective. Incorrect or incorrectly encoded automatic transmission control unit J217. Resistance of the output shaft speed sensor. Where is the sensor located. Pinout of the control unit. The control unit of the automatic device 4D0 927 156 AF 4D0927156. Scheme of the wiring of the box on the auditorium d2. Check the wires on the box. How to ring the wire. Screened cable defect. Repair of automatic transmission wiring. Car service station AUTO-GARANT village Popelnya, Zhytomyr region. You can sign up for repairs by phone number 0681040010 Alexander.