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Installing Alarms on Audi A6

Audi A6 C5 1997 The remote control key of the standard signaling does not work. Replacement of the ignition lock for audi a6, central locking does not work. The larva of the driver's door lock does not work. Additional alarm installation. 1:17 Unpacking the alarm. 2:03 Wiring security during alarm setup. 2:32 How to disassemble the lining under the steering wheel. 3:55 Wiring diagram of the central lock. 4:50 Connection points for audio alarm a6 c5. 6:00 Comfort block. Where is the central locking control unit. 6:38 Diagram of the end of the door end. Diodes on the door ends. 7:50 Search for the cable break with the tracker mastech ms6812. 14:37 Installation of the siren signalers. 16:30 Where to connect turn signals to the alarm. Programming alarm sigma. 22:28 How to adjust the shock sensor. 23:52 The new key is aud. Replacement of the ignition key stub. How to replace the immobilizer chip. AUDI Flush Key Device Wiring 4B0 971 035 K Door Bracket 4B0971035K Budget car alarm Sigma SM-350 PRO Like owner of Audi A6