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Fun in Autobody #3

Pits on the bypass road Popelnya. Car service GARANT. The Ford Transit body was torn apart, the springs fell into the salon. Hyundai ix35 tore off the stabilizer bar. Electrocarding. Pulley of the pump field. Golf 3 burst the spring. Niva 2114 is the capital. The piston hit the valve. Two raststroyshih soot in the pallet. First start after engine overhaul. Repair of the Bosch generator, Fiat Uno, replacement of brushes, new bearings. Chevrolet aveo replacement of silent blocks. Mazda rotted the lever. Correct replacement of silent blocks, hydraulic press. The gazelle jammed the tension roller, the roller burned. Prank. Drawing with a flash drive, a flash drive zhahnula in the car. The burning speed of the wire is 1.5 square meters, 1 meter from the battery.