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Fun in Autobody #1

Greetings from Ukraine! Car Service AUTO-GUARAN. Popelnya. Opel aster is engineered. VAZ 2110 stalls on the move. Overhaul of the HONDA CR-V walker. Floating silentblocks. The gasoline engine works without oil. Sealing crankshaft oil seal. Opel vector replacing the motor from the omega. Kia sorento replacement of silent blocks. Skoda Fabia 1.2 tdi greenline is not going. Volkswagen Trade Wind does not work the ignition. WV LT46 as it is not necessary to go! Toyota RAV4 removal of the cdp. Overheating of clutch and consequences. Opel can not start, do not turn the starter. Additional cooling UAZ 2206 loaf. Overhaul of the wiring IZH Jupiter 3. How to wash sneakers in a high pressure washer.