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VW Amarok Cleaning Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve - auto parts for foreign cars without intermediaries Complete spare parts catalog for VW Amarok - A year later the car returned with the same problem. Video Volkswagen Amarok 2012 2.0 TDi CDCA 163 hp Diagnosis launch x431 PRO showed error p040300 EGR valve - malfunction. Car Volkswagen Amarok, mileage of about 150 thousand, the first error P0403, the error of the EGR valve The cleaning of the EGR valve In the video you can see: where the VW Amarok diagnostic connector is located, how to remove the EGR valve on the EDS motor. Original part numbers: Elegation return module VALEO V29010039 VAG - 03G131501 Exhaust gas heat exchanger VALEO V29009682 03L131512 VAG Prices for the EGR valve Heat exchanger prices Groups in social Masters of repair community