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Elizabeth Tasker: exoplanets, life in space, and how to find it

Support me on Patreon: My Twitter: My blog on Medium: My Instagram: Elizabeth Tasker: Her book: Audio version of the podcast: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Spotify: Deezer: Pocket Casts: Castbox: 1:33 - On exoplanets 3:10 - Stuff we thought was right about exoplanets which turned out to be wrong 7:15 - Our Solar System is not unique 11:15 - How to discover information about exoplanets 13:00 - Habitable zone and life on exoplanets 16:30 - Comparing exoplanets with the Earth 20:15 - Biosignatures and signs of life 22:35 - Elizabeth is optimistic about life on exoplanets 24:30 - How long it could take us to fly to exoplanets 27:15 - Plans to send a mission to exoplanets 27:45 - How society could change in case of discovery of extraterrestrial life 29:50 - There is no consensus on sending info to aliens 32:58 - The arrogance of assuming that we are alone in the Universe 35:35 - Distribution of views on extraterrestrial life among scientist 37:29 - Educating people about space and the mistakes of the media 40:06 - Underinvestment in space 42:30 - Elizabeth's book #exoplanets #tasker #space