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Winter Bison Census: how does it work

Winter Bison census in North Ossetia gave positive results: there are 105 bison found in the Tseiskiy Sanctuary, 10 of which are calves under 1-year-old, as for January 2020. This number of young individuals is unusually high. These figures indicate the stability and growth of the population. The obtained data will provide us with reliable information about the number of bison population in the North Ossetia Republic and about the success of the WWF Program for its return to the Caucasus. But we have a lot of work ahead of us. It is very important to quickly prepare and transport one more group of bison to North Ossetia during the cool spring period there, because transportation in the hot summer is very difficult for bison. Cover photo: (с) Dmitry Andreev / WWF-Russia Помочь природе Присоединяйся к нашему YT сообществу: Инстаграм Сообщество в ВК #поколениеWWF #wwfrussia25 #WWFRussia #дажелайкпомогает #evenlikehelps