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WWF-Russia in Central Asia: Bukhara deer is back home

Five Bukhara deer were released from the adaptation enclosure into the wild at the Ile-Balkhash nature reserve. It took 8 months to prepare the deer for the release. It's been over 100 years since Bukhara deer last stepped on the Balkhash soil. The initiative of WWF-Russia has helped return the deer to their historical habitat. Reintroduction of Bukhara deer in Central Asia is an important part of the program for reintroduction of the Caspian tiger in Kazakhstan, which WWF implements in cooperation with the Government of Kazakhstan. Until the first half of the 20th century, numerous Bukhara deer had lived in Ile-Balkhash. In the beginning of last century, the species disappeared from the fauna of Ile-Balkhash and in the second half – of Kazakhstan in general. Today Bukhara deer is on the International Red List of Threatened Species and in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. 2019 is a special year for WWF-Russia: we are celebrating silver Jubilee. During the 25 years, the Fund has implemented more than 1,000 field projects in 47 regions of Russia. Together possible Follow WWF-Russia #WWFRussia #wwfrussia25 #evenlikehelps