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Altai argali transboundary census in 2017

Since 2013 Russia and Mongolia have been collecting data on the number and distribution of Altai argali in the transboundary zone. The experts work simultaneously in both countries. In 2017, the transboundary argali population of Russia and Mongolia was estimated at 4,675 animals. This is 780 argali more than in 2016. Russian-Mongolian transboundary Altai argali population in Altai-Sayan Ecoregion has been stable for the several last years. To provide for the further stability of the population WWF Russia supports antipoaching activities and awareness raising programme. © WWF / Ivan Usanov. Special thanks to Alexey Kuzhlekov and Sailugemsky National Park Помочь природе | Инстаграм | #дажелайкпомогает #evenlikehelps #wwfrussia