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James Ahearne on EdTech, remote work, and Russia

My Twitter: My blog on Medium: My Instagram: Support me on Patreon: James Ahearne: Additional tips from James: The three most useful things to do when getting started: 1. Read The Mom Test - an amazing short book which will help you understand if your business idea is good before spending any money. 2. Sign up to YC Startup School - it takes places 2-3 times per year. In the meantime, there's an incredible library of content from the top startuppers on the planet. 3. Launch ASAP - I can't emphasize this anymore. Stop trying to make the 'perfect' product. We did this and it was a huge mistake. The only way to learn is by launching and launching, again and again. In many cases, you can launch without even writing a line of code. Use existing services out there. We did this and hit $20k MRR within 3 months, all without code. Audio Version: Apple Podcasts: Google Podcasts: Spotify: Deezer: Pocket Casts: Castbox: Many thanks for the translation to faqeng #JamesAhearne #Mustreader #EdTech