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VLOG: Нас надурили с ламинатом / Дарю 10 000 рублей / Раздаю одежду

CONDITIONS OF COMPETITION (10.12.15-25.12.15) 1) To be my follower and to put like 2) To install the application: 3) To scan any goods of the Siberik's Sea-buckthorn series from Siberik's Nature and to write a substantial response 4) To put a hashtag #облепиха Also all goods can be found at me in a profile in the list the New Year's sea-buckthorn - for this purpose it is necessary to add me as a friend (Alyona Evdokimova). We come into the section Lists and we find the list with the name the New Year's sea-buckthorn. We leave a response on any goods of a series. The author of a response most substantially will receive a cosmetics set from Natura Siberica and a special prize from Rate&Goods 10 000 rubles. Also 4 winners who will be chosen by users of Rate&Goods by means of thanks button - will receive cosmetics sets. Results will be sounded after December 25 in one of video + published in VKontakte group. Write responses and vote for winners! ✔Моя AIR partnerka helping to untwist the channel: I kanat my boyfriend: http://www to podpisatsya on my canal: add_user=robinahoodina to instagra: ✔Я VKontakte: my http://robinahoodina pochta of robinahoodin@gmail .com pleylist with interesting videos: Reviews of cosmetics: http://goo .gl/W1hSNR Councils beginning blogerstvo bloggers / Behind the scenes on Youtube http://goo .gl/19klSk Pearls of byyuti-bloggers, strange comments of the audience, mistakes: http://goo .gl/8kTJ44 About money, the personal budget, accumulation and economy: Beauty, personal care: http://goo .gl/048oLM Vlog, my life: http://goo .gl/9UEWY1 In total about care of hair: Vital stories how to be and what to do: Влог and day from my life in Krasnodar as we were nadurit with a laminate that as a result we bought 8 mm the 32nd class, instead of desirable 12 mm the 33rd class. Not repair, but continuous test for durability) competition / giveaway Plus with draw of cosmetics and 10 000 rubles - don't miss opportunity to win and earn additionally money! My usual everyday life and my everyday life in this vlozhik so we will spend day together with morning till the evening!