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Иметь или не иметь? Право жить без детей😎

Singer Elka and a journalist, a successful editor of Russian glossy magazines, Alena Doletskaya became guests of the new edition. Frank and very emotional conversation about personal boundaries, conscious ideology of childfree and childfree reluctantly, ageism, about the internal barriers of each of us. A couple of effective tips on how to respond to the tactlessness of others and how to learn to make their meaningful choices. Enjoy! 00:01 Tanya: Appeal to the audience 01:11 Tanya: The topic of the video - "the pressure of society on women who do not have children" 02:20 Tanya: Visiting singer Elka and journalist Alena Doletskaya 03:40 Elka: I'm not at all concerned about anything. I live a wonderful and happy life. It annoys me a little that I have to justify myself “why I have no children.” 04:15 Elka: It doesn't concern anyone. I do not have to make excuses because of what I still have no children 05:50 Elka: A woman in our society should make excuses about her lack of children. A sense of tact is absent from others. 06:09 Alena: Public tactlessness. If you react to everything, you die. 07:00 Alena: Where did this word “justify” come from? Why do we women have to make excuses? 07:35 Alena: It was not my decision. I always wanted to have five children 08:18 Alena: I went through a classic hell 09:21 Elka: You feel like an inferior woman, if you don't have “naked heels” on Instagram 09:40 Elka: I am an idealist. It seems to me that everyone inside should have an internal editor. 12:40 Alena: A lot of people do not want to make a choice and become happy. They find a reason to be unhappy. 13:27 Alena: This is a very simple thing - respect for someone else's choice 13:39 Elka: A person who respects himself will never ask a tactless question that can hurt 14:48 Alena: Ability not to rush behind the "social machine". Hard social guidelines 15:09 Elka: Ageism (age discrimination) 16:09 Elka: I do not consider myself a childfree. I have no children for certain reasons. 16:44 Elka: The erroneous stereotype "People who have no children - do not love children" 19:09 Alena: We need to learn to listen only to yourself 20:16 Elkae: When you give a compliment - do not make excuses 20:51 Alena: Excuse appears from discomfort inside 22:22 Elka: I'm almost sure that I can adopt a child 23:28 Elka: People who can indulge in tactless statements may be thinking after watching this issue. 24:18 Alena: We are talking about guilt and an imaginary sense of duty 24:33 Tanya: My older sister has no children and a husband. And it was her conscious decision. 25:30 Elka: I have a huge number of people who were not influenced by the birth of a child. They perceive the child as an individual immediately 26:28 Alena: A child is a mirror of parents.