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Запад в Шоке от Русских

Watch the playlist - For many years there is an opinion that Russian tourists behave abroad, as the last... well, you understand. Then they take out everything from hotels that is bad and good. That fight with tourists from other countries and, most often, in a drunken state. The noisy behave, not caring on opinion surrounding. Precisely such associations emerge under phrase " Ruso turisto." But is it really so? Maybe it's just black PR, propaganda against Russia. In fact, quite often tourists from Russia show themselves from the best side, demonstrate compassion, fortitude, fearlessness and come to the rescue when others for some reason can not do it. China On March 23, 2019, one of the bathing men began to drown on the beach in Dadonghai Bay in Sanya, China. Russian tourist Yuri Peschanny couldn't stay away and swam to the rescue. The joint efforts of the victim was taken to shore. It turned out that no one around knows what to do next and how to help a person. Later Yuri told: Yuri's wife added important details: In gratitude for the rescue of a Russian tourist was awarded the title of "Best tourist of the city" and literally gave. Nepal Another case of rescue of foreigners by Russians abroad occurred in March of this year. Led by Sergei Sotnikov, a group of travelers of the United geography club began a hike around mount Annapurna in Nepal. Six people were moving to the pass Torong-La, the height of which is 5 thousand 416 meters. Not so long ago, it was closed to tourists due to heavy snowfall. On the way, the Russians met Chinese tourists who lost their way, as well as a group from New Zealand. It turned out that the Chinese got lost in the snow and could not find their way through the pass. The Russian group helped all together successfully down to the valley of the Lower Mustang. “A few hours later we were at a safe altitude, "the Russian traveler, the team leader, later said," by the evening it was known that three returning Chinese had been evacuated by helicopter with severe frostbite." The head of the group Sergey Sotnikov admitted: if it were not for the Russians, the history of Chinese tourists would have ended in tragedy. Norway In the summer of 2012, in Norway, two local women of 50 and 60 years went fishing in Alta fjord on a motor boat. For some unknown reason, the ship began to sink, and the women decided to jump into the water, which even in summer is too cold for swimming. They began to swim to the shore, which was fraught with hypothermia of the body. By a happy coincidence, Russian tourists were fishing nearby, they lifted on Board the Norwegian ladies and brought them to the shore in one piece. The rescuers were several men and one girl who arrived in Norway from the Russian Vyborg. In the act the children did not see anything special. Only admitted that the ladies got heavy. Albert Veque, the owner of the camp, inhabited by Russian tourists, later noted: “It is a happy coincidence that the Russians saw the drowning women. They were in the water for about half an hour and very cold." Thanks to these stories of salvation, many foreigners have recognized Russian tourists as sympathetic and always ready to help. But our compatriots have at least two more important qualities that are especially highly valued in our time among tolerant and pampered Europe. The two characteristic qualities in question are fearlessness and a keen sense of justice. France A funny story happened in France 8 years ago. Of course, it does not have 100% documentary confirmation, since it walks on the Internet almost like a joke, but each of you can estimate how much this could happen in reality. French supermarket. A small but impressive turn — the person 10 — 12. Waiting for the proverbial baguettes. They take out several pieces-directly from the stove, and now-the production pause... In the composition of the waiting lists. clearly stood out four figures-two Russians (Russo turisto as type of recognizable everywhere) and two ... "sons of the desert" in characteristic attire-nightgowns to the feet, towels on his head and beards shovels. Are the Arabs-separately from the queue. And here are the baguettes-exactly 12 pieces! Each is Packed in a narrow paper case. On the half turn should, in theory, be enough. But-not here something was. "Sons of the deserts.".. with Regal spontaneity overload all 12 baguettes to themselves in the cart and, tenderly smiling to each other, majestically depart towards cash desks. As you know, the Russian character any injustice immediately rises across the throat. __ Subscribe to sedition in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #sedition #Russia #Russian