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Unique scientific and educational cruise with LAI: Channel My Techno Lab Now you will find out whether these shots are so far from reality. People invented about 600 versions of the purpose of the pyramids: from the granary to the nuclear bunker. There are so many versions, because the official version of the pyramids as the tombs of the pharaohs does not stand up to any criticism, if only because the pyramids have never been found the mummy of the pharaohs. All the mummies of the pharaohs were found in the so-called valley of the kings. Well, let's see why these devices were actually created. But before we go to the most delicious, we want to please you: All this splendor you can see in person, as part of a stunning scientific and educational cruise With the laboratory of Alternative History. Everyone who was at least a little interested in alternative research knows about the legendary team of LAI and Andrei Sklyarov, who has already left us. Unique objects and artifacts, traces of high-tech processing that can be touched and convinced of their reality, communication with experts and researchers LAI, secret rooms of the Pyramids, Cairo Museum, Luskor, Karnak, and all this on a luxurious modern cruise liner with panoramic Windows, offering beautiful views of the Nile and picturesque landscapes... Such a journey you will definitely remember all your life. And with this it is better to hurry, because there are not many places left. And here's another thing-be sure to specify the promotional code of Sedition, it is very important, then in addition to travel you will receive... no, not a discount, but something much more interesting. And while you're thinking about whether to go or not, let's consider this version. The authenticity of the documents of the Rhombus-Orion project, which is credited with studying the heritage of Ahnenerbe, is difficult to verify. Many consider it a new model and a fake. But even if it is, it was created on the basis of some primary sources, because you can not come up with everything from scratch. In these documents it is written that before the third Flood God Ptah built a complex of pyramids around the world in order to save the Earth during the coming Armageddon. They build a network of pyramids, which was built on geothermal dangerous faults of the earth's crust in order to subsequently avoid apocalyptic changes in the electromagnetic and geographical poles of the Earth. And when the waves of the Flood cover the Earth, built around the world system of pyramids, does not allow the Earth to violate the electromagnetic and orbital characteristics. However, the waves of the Flood destroyed the created cities and civilization of people. After the waters descended into the Earth, the Gods gave the survivors tools and seeds. Agriculture and animal husbandry began to develop throughout the Land. The pyramids were a powerful resonant receiving device of constantly incoming high-frequency energy from outer space, which, passing through them, was scattered over a wide spectrum of the range, exerting a powerful low-frequency effect on The earth's core. As a result, its rhythm and stability were restored. That's the description. But let's look not at the text printed it is not clear when and it is not clear by whom, but at the artifacts themselves. The small chambers in most of the pyramids were granite. This material is well known for its insulating properties. Some researchers suggest that these cells contained equipment that was dangerous, or that needed rest. In the modern world, such cameras are also built deep underground to place neutrinos inside, atomic clocks, in General, devices that need to be isolated from any external factors. The walls next to the shafts leading to the mysterious chambers were decorated with friezes depicting snakes. Obviously, it was a kind of warning sign. After all, poisonous snakes are associated with danger in people. And yet the serpent is, in fact, a symbol of a sine wave. But more on that later. A group of physicists and mathematicians led by Dmitry Pavlov, a member of the Board Of the laboratory of Alternative History, conducted a number of unique experiments. For example, at the top of the pyramid, the amplitude of seismic noise did not decrease, as it should be, but on the contrary increased by 10, sometimes 20 times. And yet, in one of the pyramids, studies of the anisotropy of space based on alpha decay gave an unexpected result. __ Subscribe to sedition in social networks: VC OK Telegram Instagram The website #sedition #pyramids #Egypt