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My photos: Add me on VK: Hello! My name is Victoria. I'm from Russia. My channel is called HotPsychologie. And it is the most popular blog about psychology in Russia and on YouTube. Too many girls shoot videos where they do different make-ups, total appearance changes and kinda visual transformations. But they do not tell us that the true beauty, because the beauty of the girl is not how perfectly her flicks drawn or how good her smokey ice (smokey eyes) is, but the real girl's beauty is her self-raiting, how high her self-esteem is, what are her goals, ambitions, whether happy she or not. And finally, the most important thing for women is a harmonious relationship with a man. How to build such relations, how to be loved, cherished, to be respected and how to get men’s wiliness to be nearby and other stuff that women are worry about is a part of my blog. Men may also find answers to many questions of the psychology of relationships, personal development, sexology, Psychosomatics and others in my blog. Girls, if we talk about beauty, can also find motivational video on psychology harmony, sleep and stress management, psychotherapy food addiction in my blog as well. You can do different makeups, you can learn how to use make-up, how to do evening make-up, wedding make-up, but the make-up as is will never teach you how to be really beautiful and sexy. It is possible to look like Andzheline Dzholi or Megan Fox, but it is important to understand that they are so sexy and beautiful not because the clothes they wear, but because of their psychological state. You should not make for yourself an idol like Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba but more important to find yourself. So be yourself, and then you’ll become a star. My blog is the set of psychological lessons for you. If you really want to know (as I often find such questions in the comments) how I care for my skin and my hair so better ask me about it on VK. Subscribe to my RSS feeds. My main goal is to help you to find answers to your questions, make your relationships happier, find love, be beautiful and successful.