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БЫЛО ИЛИ НЕ БЫЛО С КАПИТАНОМ КОСТЕЙ Челлендж Неловкие Ситуации | Elli Di

See Ghost House 2 first: My Instagram: - more videos on a yacht Captain Kostya here: ▼ STILL ▼ Share with your friends! ▼ Elli Di Subscribe! ▼ ABOUT ME ▼ Hello everyone, my name is Ellie, my subscribers call themselves - Ellita =) This is my life channel! Here I publish everything: Sketches, pranks, challenges, experiments, purchases, vlogs and my whole life. Sometimes on the channel I announce the start of the series. ▼ I'm in social networks ▼ Elli Di Pets YouTube Channel: Kirill Channel: - subscribe! Elli Di Online Channel: Elli Di Game Channel: My Instagram: Cyril Instagram: Instagram about our pets: My personal VK page: Public VK Ellie Dee: VK group about our pets: I'm on Twitter: I'm in Odnoklassniki: For PR: Link to this video: ▼ Detailed video description ▼ In this video, Captain Kostya and I will play in the past or not, and we will answer questions from Instagram. It will be awkward situations and other marine stories. Watch Season 2 Phantom House from the first series: Watch Season 1 Ghost House from the start Subscribe to the Elli Di Pets channel: And on this channel Elli Di Subscribe: See you in new videos with Elli Di